simmenthal beff in jelly
Simmenthal Beef in Jelly 3x140gr
meat in jelly
beef in jelly

Simmenthal Beef in Jelly 3x140gr

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  • Simmenthal Beef in Jelly 3x140 gr

  • What is simmenthal?

    Launched in Milan in 1923, Simmenthal has been synonymous with canned meat for 90 years. Its distinct flavour is provided by the delicious combination of premium quality beef, vegetable gelatin and a few drops of honey in every can. Simmenthal is a landmark brand, loved by Italian generations for almost a century
    Try it in hot dishes where the gelatin helps to flavor the dish, or in cold recipes where it preserves all the freshness.
    Meat jelly is thick jelly-like dish from meat broth with garlic and spices. It is traditionally served in Ukraine at winter festivities and Easter.
    Aspic is the name of food art serving in jelly and first records come from Arabic scriptures in 10th century. Fish and poultry are other things that have been served in jelly for centuries including in Korea and Nepal.
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  • Product of Italy