High Tech "Respiratory " face mask -KN95 mask - (2/pck.)

High Tech "Respiratory " face mask -KN95 mask - (2/pck.)

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  • Laboratory Tested- Face Mask, High Tech Mask, Top Quality 
  • K N95 Face Mask: HighTechMask’s Laboratory-tested mask removes and eliminates 95% of dusts, air pollution and particles. It is super powerful against certain non-oil based particles and aerosols. It has several engineered lawyers that each filters air particles . 

Resuable - Based on recommendations, you can use this mask several times up to more than 8 hours 

Confortable and Adjustable 

  • Fully meetings Standards and is approved based KN95 Laboratory reports.
  • HighTechMask KN95 efficiency: 95% of air pollution and particles