Pine Honey with Mastic 450g
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Pine Honey with Mastic | 450g

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  • Pine Honey with Mastic | 450g

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  • Pine honey is thick, amber in color, and has a neutral flavor. It's harvested in Thassos' pine forests.
  • The honey takes on the aura and aromas of the Aegean Sea thanks to the harmonious combination of sea and pine forest.
  • Sweeten your morning oatmeal with the honey along with a warm cup of Italian Coffee
  • Greek Pine Honey

  • "Taste of Greece" evokes memories, scents, and emotions from a return to the good old Greece, full of traditional products in every tiny detail.
  • The best mastic in the world comes from Greek Chios island near Izmir
  • Melira brand
  • Product of Greece 
  • Melira Pine Honey with Chios Mastic is the Ambient Product of the Year