Frantoi Cutrera Olive Oil in Toronto

Frantoi Cutrera Olive Oil in Toronto

This is a fantastic olive oil, rich and full of flavor. It has a spicy element with a light flavour of green tomato. it almost feel wasteful to use it as cooking oil. It is a cold pressed olive oil.

Use olive oil in your cooking for your heart heath. It has more healthy fats. This top quality Sicilian extra virgin olive oil will the flavours of the dishes you will be cooking.

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It pairs well with good balsamic vinegar. You can make incredible salad dressing with it. It is definitely worth the olive oil price you pay. It is a top notch dipping oil.

Its intense taste can especially be noticed when drizzled on salads, bruschetta or toasted flat bread with some oregano

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No matter how you use it, its super taste will stand out. It has a well deserved place in Mediterranean diet. It definitely is not a regular olive oil.

It is an unfiltered olive oil. Only the people who really understands olive oil chooses this brand and pays the money.

One of the health benefits of this product is to lower the cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease.

You will feel in this oil balsamic herbs and sweet almond. The sweet almonds flavour comes from the special Tonda Iblea olive tree.

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it is wonderful for roasted meat, fish, grilled meat, salads and even soup

Primo version is made from the early green harvest of special olives. it is cold extracted

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