Welcome to our support center. here you can find the most frequently asked questions and their answers, hope we can help.

Can we have a sit down meal at your walk-in store Pristine Fine Foods in Etobicoke? Yes, except Wednesday every day of the week, look out for our weekend parties that offer unique dishes and Mediterranean buffets prepared by chefs

Why are your prices so much better than every one else?Because we have 50 years background in food import and distribution in Canada, oldest and largest Turkish company you can find actually in this field, we are able to skip at  least one distribution tier and directly offer the best possible prices.  That is exactly why you have the special VIP discounts once your spending surpasses over $500 over time.

How can we find out your events?Please follow us on Facebook to access the most up to date information about our events

Do you have free delivery for locations farther than 100 km to your store in Etobicoke Pristine Fine Foods? We have 50% shipping refund offer once the order size is over $150.

Why did my 15% coupon did not work? This coupon is assigned actually for only VIP members for every order, if you have used it earlier that must have been your one time experience for a demonstration. Until you become a VIP you will have a 13% coupon that will be sent to you in your order confirmation, You can continue using that one until your total spending reaches $300 over time. Hope to see you amongst our VIPs soon.

Can you ship Cheese to Vancouver? Purolator will ruin your cheese in the summer, they are not fast any longer. Please wait for the cold season for it and yes we ship to Vancouver

I forgot my password, can you send me a link? We are not able to do that since it is fully automatic, please click on forgot my password option and receive a reset link