Most Fun Italian Store in Toronto

Most Fun Italian Store in Toronto

Pristine Fine Foods will pleasantly surprise you for the experience you will have on our floor.

Free espresso and food samples around the store will make you feel at home.

italian dark roast coffee

The owner is actually a retired man but his retirement style is still going to work 7 days a week. He considers all the customers as his guests. He will try to make you espresso himself.

Sometimes as you walk into the store he will be like if you don't drink my coffee you are not allowed to shop here. Not everyone is in the mood to go along with his abundantly flowing jokes. Some people takes his little pranks serious and they leave. But only to come back 10 seconds later.

milk jug dispenser

The owner was born in Italy but was raised in Turkey. He speaks 5 languages. His mother was Italian. His home town is Avellino 1 hour to Amalfi coast.

Shopping at Pristine will feel like a bit travelling to both Italy and Turkey at the same time. You will discover new things. You will learn new things. When you leave the store you will feel like you took a day trip.

italian shop

You might even feel a bit more cheered up after mingling us for a while. We seem to have that affect on people, consistently.

Many of our customers come back just to hang out and meet with the other customers at Fred's Coffee Bar. The strike a casual conversation. it is a common thing to see in our store older customers serving other customers and making them espresso. You will get in the mood once you meet us.

brio soft drink

For your Italian dishes discover 200 cuts Italian pasta collection.

Italian coffee with many Lavazza, Mauro, Kimbo selection along with other brands, wide selection of Felce Azzurra which is always on sale will be fun to discover.

We import ourselves Italian ceramics from Amalfi including Ricco Deruta line. That is why you will fine them always on sale.

best extra virgin olive oil

Agostino Reca anchovies selection, a fair size of italian cheese range will add a nice colour to your Italian cuisine ingredient hunting experience. We have fresh ricotta on the weekends, you can catch it even warm. We carry many mozarella cheese version especially in Santa Lucia brand. Ask us to grate your parmesan cheese to have your fresh cheese.

Italian deli, Catering and Gift baskets are available on demand and by order.

italianmart italian grocery store

The italian cookies we import ourselves are always fresh. Our big collection of antipasto products will overwhelm you. You will like own brand italian plum tomatoes in Dorato brand along with local brands such as Gigi, Mutti, Martelli will appeal to your refined Italian palate for your pasta dishes to have with red wine. Your tomato sauce will come out better than your mom's. Tomato basil sauce we carry in many brands.

Many other little pleasant Italian food discoveries are waiting for you in our italian grocery store in Etobicoke.

Enjoy your experience. Let us lift your mood up. Say Tiramisu to us and we will, with pleasure. Assuming you know what it means in English:-) It means Pull Me Up

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