caciocavallo cheese santa lucia 1000g
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caciocavallo cheese

Caciocavallo Cheese | Santa Lucia | 1000g

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  • Caciocavallo Cheese |  Santa Lucia | 1000g

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  • Santa Lucia Brand
  • Hard, uncooked, spun curd cheese, salted in brine for a few days, produced with whole cow’s milk.
  • The cheese is Individually wrapped and stored safely
  • Caciocavallo Cheese

  •  Elongated flask shape, with a rounded base and shoulder-shaped head. Quick and spicy flavor with at least two months of seasoning.
  • 45% moisture
  • 24% M.F
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Product of Canada
  • Caciocavallo: How One Of Italy's Rarest, Most Expensive Cheeses Is Made
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