Gluten Free Pasta Ditalini 250gr
Gluten Free Pasta
Gluten free Pasta
Italianmart Le Veneziane Ditalini

Gluten Free Pasta | Ditalini | 250gr

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  • Gluten Free Pasta | Ditalini | 250gr

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  • Le Veneziane brand
  • Only the finest Italian corn flour is used in Le Veneziane products.
  • The recipe's simplicity, excellent cooking properties, and rough surface, which helps the sauce adhere to the pasta, all combine to make a tasty and satisfying dish.
  • Ditalini Pasta

  • A unique mix of corn and rice makes this Pasta healthy and delicious
  • Add Italian sauces and Cheese to make the best authentic Pasta
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  • Product of Italy
  • We got you some tips on how to cook Gluten-free Ditalini