pisti crema di pistachio 200gr
Pisti Crema Di Pistachio | 200gr

Pisti Crema Di Pistachio | 200gr

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  • Pisti Crema Di Pistachio | 200gr

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  • Glass Jar
  • What is pistachio cream used for?

    Crema al Pistacchio is the most delicious Italian Pistachio Cream made with pistachios, white chocolate, and milk. Use it as a filling for doughnuts, pastries, and cakes, or simply spread it on bread or toast.
  • Pistachio paste

  • Is pistachio paste the same as pistachio cream?

    Some manufacturers make pistachio cream which consists of 40% pistachio butter mixed with honey and added sugar. Pistachio paste is made from 100% natural pistachios with the original nutty taste
    Product of Italy