Anchovy Paste Aurora 56gr
Italianmart anchovy paste
Italianmart Aurora anchovy paste

Anchovy Paste | Aurora | 56gr

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  • Anchovy Paste  | Aurora | 56gr

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  • What is anchovy paste?

    It is a mixture of ground anchovies, vinegar, spices, a small amount of sugar, and water, and is sold in tubes or tins at most supermarkets. Its flavor is pungently fishy and salty because the anchovies are cured before they are ground into a paste.

    Anchovy paste near me

    As long as it's savory, it could probably use a bit of anchovy paste. Try your new favorite secret ingredient in barbecue sauce, smeared over roast chicken, in pesto, in meatballs and meatloaves of every variety, in gravies, in dips, in bloody Marys
  • Product of Italy
  • What you can do with a paste of anchovies
  • Add anchovies to your Ceaser salad to make it more delicious