Pine Jam Glass Jar 460g
Pine Cone Jam
pine jam

Pine Jam | Glass Jar 460g

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  • Pine Jam | Glass Jar 460g

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  • 460g, there are no mini pine cones inside our product
  • Traditionally used in the Caucuses and Russia in a preserve known as Varenye, sometimes called pine cone jam, or pine cone honey
  • Italian market

  • Boosts immune system. The phytoncides (the oils in the pine cones), have anti-inflammatory properties and make the body more resistant to infections and colds.
  • Aids with stomach issues. Young pine cones are known for their ability to alleviate gastritis and ulcers pains.
  • Detoxifies
  • Counterindications of pine jam: kidney disease; exacerbation of stomach and duodenal ulcers; hypertension; hepatitis of various forms